Thursday, February 5, 2009

Facilities: Library

Inside MTC they have a small library located on the 7th floor. There is also another room next to it used for studying purposes as well as a main library for NTNU students located directly outside the building. That library will require you to pay a small quarterly fee, which you will find out on a form given during orientation.

At the library on the 7th floor is where most people go to study. You can get a maximum of 3 hours stamped on your supplementary timecard. Anything above that will still be recorded as 3. I believe this is a fairly new rule since students were using the library to get extra easy hours.  The hours do not accumulate, but if you stay are within 10 mins or so of the next full hour they will just give it to you.


staying 1 hour 40 mins = 1 hour
staying 2 hours 10 mins = 2 hours
staying 2 hours 55 mins = 3 hours

When you go in, hand your timecard and student ID card to the person sitting behind the desk. They will stamp your entry time on the card. When you leave you will hand it to them again to stamp your exit time along with the number of hours you stayed for. 

Normal library rules apply; no eating, drinking, talking loudly etc.

However, everyone drinks in there regardless. If you have to make/answer a phone call, use the restroom, get a snack/food etc, you can get up to do so and leave your stuff there. They do not mind. However, if you plan to do this make sure you have a friend watch your stuff, or if you are by yourself take anything of value with you. Leaving your stuff there is at your own risk and recently there was a case of a girl's bag being stolen.

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