Thursday, February 5, 2009

Supplementary Classes

A list of supplementary classes offered are on the MTC website, but it does not tell you which are offered in each quarter. Some classes are seasonal. You will be given the sheet with all the supplementary classes offered and times for each term.

Note: This example is for the winter quarter schedule Dec-Feb)

Mandarin Phonetics Class/Pronunciation Class: As mentioned on the main site, these 2 classes are offered only during the first week of every term.  Room 504
- (M-F) 10:30-12:00 and 12:30-14:00.

Introduction to Chinese Characters: Offered during the 2nd week of each term.
-  (M-F) 10:30-12:00 and 12:30-14:00. Room 504

Language Class: These start from the 3rd week and differ every term. 
- For the winter term (dec - feb) they had Taiwanese class offered every Wed. Room 504

Learning Chinese through Movies: Offered twice a week on select days. Random Chinese movies, some good some bad.
- (select days) 10:20-12:10 and 14:20-16:10. Room 504

Learning Chinese from Chinese Medicine: Offered once every 2 weeks. The teacher is a nice guy, but his English is a bit on the poor side. He will toss in English words randomly, but mostly try to speak in Mandarin. He gives handouts to his powerpoint presentations as well. The only thing is on the handouts there is no pin ying for the characters. He covers topics like "gua sha" and losing weight. However, he does not list out all the vocab words with their meanings. You might have to ask him how to pronounce the word and the meaning as he lectures.
- (Tue for the dec-feb term) 14:20-16:10. Ro0m 504

Classical Poetry: Offered once a week.
- (Tue for the dec-feb term) 10:20-12:10. Room 504

Chinese Character Writing: Offered once a week.
- (Wed for the dec-feb term) 14:20-16:10. Room 504

Chinese Cuisine and Dining: Offered once a week. The lady who teaches this class is very good about teaching new vocabulary words with the handouts she gives. Every week she covers a traditional Asian dish that corresponds to the given occasion. (moon cake, Gong Bao Ji Ding, Red Turtle Cake, Traditional Chinese New Year foods...etc) You will also get a chance to make some of the dishes. This class is also recommended as it will help you pick up extra Chinese words and get to learn more about the cultural foods. 
-(Mon for the dec-feb term) 14:20-16:10. Room 504

Chinese Interviews: Offered once a week. This is highly recommended by many people to attend.
- (Thu for the dec-feb term) 10:20-12:10. Room 504

Let's Sing in Chinese: Offered once a week. This is a very fun class and also highly recommended. You sing as a group, so don't worry you will not be put on the spot. The teacher will print out lyrics with the pin ying every week. The songs can be anything from the latest popular song or an older classic. For the most part, you will pick up a lot of Chinese because most of those words are commonly used in other song lyrics and words you can also use every day as well. 
- (Wed for the dec-feb term) 10:2012:10. Room 504

Be sure to get your timecard stamped once the class is over!

Listening Drills: Recommended that you go to this audio lab for listening drills to help improve your Chinese. They have headsets and separate cubicles for you to listen to tapes.
-(M-F) anytime from 8:10-20:20. Room 501. Max 3 hours per day.

Audio-Visual Practice: Also, recommended to improve listening skills. You can rent out an audio tape or DVD from room 501 to take to room 503 to insert and practice.
- (M-f) anytime from 8:10-20:20. Room 503. Max 3 hours per day.

Reading Practice (aka study time): Where most people go to do homework or study. 
- (M-F) anytime from 8:10-20:20. MTC Library 7th floor. Max 3 hours per day.

NTNU and MTC Activities: Throughout the year there are different activities that MTC will hold like one day field trips. For example, they have a Lantern Festival event for 2/7/09. There is also Dragonboat for the spring term (March-May). Practice is 6:30-8:30 on M-F. 
- can be on class days or weekends depending on activity. May be on/off campus.

Chinese Language Contests: These range from speech, writing, calligraphy, singing to essay contests. Not every contest is offered every term, so you will have to check to see what is being held each quarter. 
- can be on a class day or weekend depending on activity. May be on/off campus.

Remember to get your time card stamp after every supplementary class!!

At the end of each month your time card will look something like this. If you fill up both side, you amy get another one either in the Listening lab (5th floor) or Library (7th floor)

At the end of every month, your classroom teacher will collect your time card and add up the supplementary hours you have received for the month. They will stamp their name seal and record it and give it to the office so you get credit. Your time card will be handed back to you afterwards. Make sure you hold onto it and don't throw it away. In case you need to prove anything with the Immigration for visa purposes it is always handy to have around. Again, if you hold a Taiwanese passport this does not really apply to you. 

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