Thursday, February 5, 2009

Regular Class vs. Intensive Class

Both classes have a minimum of 4 students and maximum of up to 10 students. As mentioned on the main site, the regular class is a duration of 2 hours and the intensive class is 3 hours long. 

If you are in the regular class you will most likely be in the following class times.


If you are intensive you will have the class times you will have.


* is reserved for continuing students. If you are a new student you will notice on the application it is blocked out and you will not be able to check it.

For new students:

On the application form you get to put in order of your class preference. Getting the class time you want depends on a lot of things.

-how many people in your level request the same
-if there are teachers available to teach that time
-sometimes there are already set class times for that specific class & level as well.

Also, you will not find out your class schedule until the day of orientation, which is the day before that term starts. Please refer to the Orientation link for further information. 

From the main site you will find that if you are in the regular class you also have to attend the supplementary classes to get hours. If you are in an intensive class it is not mandatory, but still recommended you attend. 

For more information on supplementary classes please refer to the link on the side.

If you do not attend the supplementary classes for additional classes it could become a problem if you are here in Taiwan on visa. If you came in on a Taiwanese passport then this information does not apply to you. If you came in on a visa, please refer to the Visa section for important information. 

Regular class students only:

You need to at least 5 hours a week from the supplementary classes added to the 10 hours a week from the regular class. You can do more than 5 hours a week. There is no limit to how many hours you can do a week. However, you need to reach the minimum required hours for that month. If a month has 20 school days, you will need 20 additional supplementary hours. If there are only 15 days, then you will need 15 hours.

Note: anything more than 5 hours a week does not carry over for the month. Meaning, if a month requires you to have at least 20 supplementary hours and you put in 30, those extra 10 hours do no carry over to the next month. Or if you put in 10 hours this month, and 30 the next month, it does not add up and average out. Everything is calculated on a monthly basis! 

You can refer to the attendance section to get a better understanding of how it works.   


  1. Hi! Thanks so much for putting this information together. It is very helpful.
    I am going to start at NTNU in September and was wondering whether, as a complete beginner, it would be better to start off with regular or intensive classes. Are the intensive classes overwhelming?

  2. I share the same question as anonymous except I'm looking to start off at around level 7 or 8.

  3. Hi

    anyone taken advanced chinese classes at NTNU? What was it like? And how are the teachers


  4. My daughter is currently attending MTC for the 3-month intensive course (Sept. - Nov 2012). She is loving the program, but it is very intense: learning 40 Chinese characters a night, tests every three days. I forget how many vocab words.
    You do not get to choose your level: you are given a placement test that covers spoken and written language skills and takes about 3 hours to complete. If you are not a very motivated students and willing to put in the hours to do well, intensive may not be for you. Additionally, if you are there on scholarship, you are required to do the intensive program and you must clock in and out of class to record that you took the required number of hours to maintain your scholarship and not be dropped from the program. Most teachers seem to be very good, but with anything, some better than others depending on your personal learning style. NOTE: The courses stress writing and reading, so if you are advanced due to an ability to speak well, don't be fooled into thinking you can manage an advanced class if you do not have the written skills at the same level of mastery. Placement success seems to be based on one's level of writing and reading ability, not speaking.

  5. Are the placement tests in Pinyin or do they only use characters?

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